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The Workshop is a shop in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

The head carpenter at the shop is Woody who works there with his apprentices Kurt and Joe. Woody can build new houses on different plots of land, relocate a house to an empty plot of land, remodel a home, upgrade a home (make it bigger) and demolish houses. He also sells furniture, and you can buy empty plots of land from him.

The workshop is open from 6am until 6pm and is closed on Tuesdays and holidays.



New Construction

Building Cost Lumber Needed
House LV 1 - Woody 4000G 40 Pieces
House LV 2 - Woody 7000G 80 Pieces
House LV 2 - Green 7000G 80 Pieces
House LV 3 - Woody 15000G 120 Pieces
House LV 3 - Blue 15000G 120 Pieces
House LV 3 - Brick 15000G 120 Pieces
House LV 4 - Woody 30000G 200 Pieces
House LV 4 - Orange 30000G 200 Pieces
House LV 4 - Brick 3000G 200 Pieces
House LV 5 - Woody 80000G 300 Pieces
House LV 5 - Rock 8000G 300 Pieces
Windmill 4000G 40 Pieces
Watering Hole 600G 20 Pieces
Well 700G 20 Pieces


Building Cost
First House 3000G
Second House 1000G
Barn Level 2 1500G
Chicken Coop 700G
Watering Hole 500G


Land Purchase


Lumber Cost
Lumber (1) 50G (Per Piece)
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