Introductory Line: "Oh... H-hi. Your name's... __? ...Ying... My name is...Ying. I live... with my grandma."

"Good morning. ...I'm sleepy."

"G-Good morning, ___..."

"...Good morning..."


"...Hello, ___..."

"Hello... It's a nice day for reading."


"Rahi's so lucky. He's always full of energy, running around the village. I wish I could have races with him..."

"The air in this village is better for me than the air back home. That's why I'm living here with my grandma instead of with my parents."

You visit from Bluebell: "Did you come from the other village, ___? What's it like?"

Complete a request: "Thanks for your help. See you later. Take care."

When shown the blue feather: "A blue feather...? ...It's very pretty! I wish I had one too!"

Rain: "It's my umbrella. My mom and dad bought it for me. So when it rains, I always want to open it up."

During a typhoon: "The wind makes the whole house shake. It's really scary."

After a typhoon: "...Yesterday... The skies were so dark. It was scary."

Snowstorm: "There's SO much snow! Tomorrow I want to build a little snowman."

Flower Quotes

One flower: "I love my grandma! She's super nice!"

Two flowers: "I help out at my grandma's shop. She says I'm a big, big help."

Three flowers: "Ina eats so much spicy stuff at the tea house! I'll bet she can breathe fire!"

Four flowers: "Mako always orders chop suey or vegetable stir fry. He must like vegetables."

Five flowers: "Ayame loves to eat the tempura bowl mixed with rice at the tea house."

Six flowers: "My panda? My dad and mom sent it to me. It's the most precious thing to me... my panda bear! It's so cute, isn't it?"

Seven flowers: "___, I got a letter from my dad and mom! I'm so, so happy! Now I need to write them a letter back!"


Favorite: "...Pancakes? *munch, munch* So yummy!"

Liked: "This is for me? I like it a lot! Thanks, ____!"

Neutral: "...Thanks, ___."

Multiple Gifts: "I don't need one right now. Sorry, ___."

Birthday Gift:

  • Liked: ".... A birthday present? Oh, thanks! I'm so happy!"


Cooking Festival

  • You live in Konohana and win:
    • "...Congratulations. That was really great."
    • "...___, you're a wonderful cook."
  • You live in Konoha and lose: "Aww... Our village lost... Next time we won't lose..."

Crop Festival

  • Lose: "I know you did your best. Don't feel bad."

Music Festival

"Everyone was so excited. How about you, ___?"

Flower Festival

"Thanks! These flowers are so pretty! I'll put them in my room."

Before a Festival:

"I'm looking forward to the festival so much! I can't wait for it to start!"

After Festival End:

  • "This festival makes everyone so happy."
  • "It's over... that makes me kind of sad."
  • "I had so much fun taking part in the festival with my grandma."
  • "Today's ____ was really something to see."

You live in Bluebell and go over to Konohana on a festival day: "_____? Did you come over for the festival?"

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