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The player can have a child with their spouse after marriage in Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar


You must buy a deluxe bed for 30.000 G from the "bed man" at the bazaar (this is only available after marriage).

After 30 days of having the deluxe bed, the female player (or player's wife) will become pregnant.

After 60 days, the female player (or player's wife) will have the baby. Like a pregnancy in real life, the player will not know their child's gender.

About one year and 10 days after your child is born, they will begin to walk around. You can now give him/her presents and talk to him/her.

About one year after they begin to walk around the child will 'grow up'. There are two different child graphics: a blonde girl with purple eyes and brown-eyed brunette boy. Like most other Harvest Moon games, they cannot grow any older. There is a cute little scene of you and your child playing together that can be seen after one's child has grown up and raised to ten hearts. Enter your house at any time to trigger the scene.



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Special Pudding


Gift Preferences
Special Ice Cream
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