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Your Child is born in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility after the player gets married. Each child will look and act differently depending on who you marry. Pictures of each child are in the Gallery.

Eventually, your child will be able to go over the last rainbow once you give it an Adventure Rucksack, and then you can start a new game with your child.

Phoebe or Owen

If you marry Phoebe or Owen, then your child will:
Curious Child

Like: Eggs, bananas, cacao.

Dislike: Marinades, southern style cooking, shrimp.

Act: Somewhat hyper and curious.

Son Looks: Straight hair and wide eyes. Blue clothing.

Daughter Looks: Very short hair, wide eyes. Pink dress.

Toby, Julius, Renee, or Maya

If you marry Toby, Julius, Renee, or Maya then your child will:
Dreamy Child

Like: Strawberries, sweets, Pink Cat Mint flowers.

Dislike: Yogurt, spicy dishes.

Son Looks: Messy hair, sleepy eyes, freckle face. Yellow clothing.

Daughter Looks: Hair curled at ends and sleepy eyes. Pink dress.

Act: Carefree and friendly.

Chase, Calvin, Luna, or Selena

If you marry Chase, Calvin, Luna, or Selena then your child will:
Snobby Child

Like: Herb Tea, spicy dishes, grape juice.

Dislike: Dishes made with fish, vegetable juice.

Son Looks: Two fairly long wisps of hair in front, always looks a little angry. Purple clothing.

Daughter Looks: Hair that spikes at the end, always looks a little angry. Purple dress.

Act: Does not show true feelings, pretends to dislike everything, sometimes rude.


  • Fall: "Well, duh, the leaves change color in Fall. Don't act all surprised."
  • "What will I be when I grow up? Hmm, I dunno yet."
  • Raining: "I think it's okay to walk outside in the rain. You just get wet. What's wrong with that?"
  • Sunny: "It's nice out today. But then again, it usually is."
  • "It's really nice today. But I"m not really happy about it or anything."
  • Cloudy: "I don't like it when it's cloudy, 'cause it's kind of in-between. The weather should just make up its mind."
  • Loves: "I like this. Th-Thanks. I mean, I'm not really happy or anything."
  • Multiple gifts: "I don't need anymore."
  • "Thank you, Mama."
  • "You may be able to beat me in a race now, but I bet in a couple of years, I'll be able to beat you easily."
  • "How did you and Papa meet, Mama? Who proposed with the Blue Feather?"
  • "Sometimes people call me mouthy. But I'm just telling it how I see it."
  • "Hmph, you're going on a walk? I don't really wanna go with you or anything."
  • "I feel like something is happening, but I don't know what, and I hate that feeling."
  • "I finally figured it out. All these changes are because of the tree growing in the Harvest Goddess spring."
  • "There's a huge tree growing by the Harvest Goddess Spring. It's so tall you can't see the top. What would happen if you climbed it?"

Luke or Kathy

If you marry Luke or Kathy you child will:
Energetic Child

Like: Eggs, dishes made with fish

Dislike: Clams, sea urchins, medicine.

Act: Hyper and hot-blooded, and very energetic.

Son Looks: Mischievous look, hair sticks up in front. Orange clothing.

Daughter Looks: Mischievous look, very short hair. Orange blouse with blue jumper.

Gill, Jin, Anissa, or Candace

If you marry Gill, Jin, Anissa, or Candace then you child will:
Model Child

Like: Rice dishes, herbal tea, milk tea, tomato juice.

Dislike: Maguro-don (tuna over rice), egg over rice.

Act: Serious and polite.

Son Looks: Hair parted neatly to one side. Wears glasses. Green clothing.

Daughter Looks: Hair in two small ponytails. Wears glasses. Green dress.