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Your Children in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

The player even can have two children instead of just one like in its Nintendo 3DS counterpart Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, and the child(ren) look the same no matter which person you choose to marry. For example: if you marry Gilbert and have a daughter as first child, it will not inherit Gilbert's blonde hair and green eyes; it will have light brown hair and brown eyes.

After you get married and your house has been upgraded to a Giant House, Brutus will tell you that if one wants to have children so he can sell a cradle.

The next day after purchasing a cradle, Hanna will be at your house in the morning because of morning sickness and announce that you're expecting a baby!

When Hanna leaves, you and your partner will have a brief conversation and will discuss whether you'd both like to have a boy or a girl (this is where you choose the gender). After much talk you decide that either gender will be great. In the Harvest Moon universe your pregnancy will last 40 days and after that your baby will be born!

Once the baby is born, you will automatically trigger the Hello, Baby! memory and receive 10 formula milk and a rattle from Hanna. She will also offer to have formula milk available for purchase in her restaurant. The recipe will also be available for purchase.


  • 40 days after pregnancy - your child is born
  • 30 days after birth your child will reach the crawling stage
  • 30 days after learning to crawl, your child will learn to walk
  • 30 days after walking, they will learn to speak
  • 30 days after learning to talk, they will grow from toddler to a full grown child.

Second Child

A second pregnancy will start 7 days after your first child had grown up (walking and will turn into town after the memories event "I'm a Big Kid"). This time you don't need to select its gender; your second child's gender will be the opposite of your first child. Example: If your first child is a boy then the second child will be a girl vice-versa.


Gift Preferences
Liked Bread, Fish Dishes, Vegetables
Disliked Spicy things


Make sure you give your child formula milk and play with rattle! If you forget, it will take twice the time for your child to grow up.

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