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In Harvest Moon SNES, if you go all the way to the left of your farm, there is a town where most of the villagers and available wives live. It is also where all of the shops are, with the exception of the carpenter.

1. Mayor's House

This is the Mayor's mansion. The three people that live there are the Mayor, his Wife, and Maria live. Note: while Maria lives here, she can most often be found in #2, the Church. Her diary is still in the Mayor's House though.

2. Church

The Priest and the Church Boy live in the Church, and you can usually find them standing in front of the Church. Maria also spends most of her time in or around the church.

3. Flower Shop

The flower shop is where Nina and Nina's Mother live. You can go here to buy flowers (which can also be found in the mountain area) or seeds for your farm.

4. Market

You can sell your produce here to The Peddler on the weekends.

5. Fortune Teller's House

This is where the Fortune Teller and her Granddaughter live. You can come here to learn about love and relationships, animal care, and your farm.

6. Bar

This is where the Bartender, Eve, and Eve's Mother live. You can come here after 6:00 pm (nighttime) to have a drink or flirt with Eve. Eve's diary is located in the bar's back room.

7. Restaurant

This is where Ellen, Ellen's Dad, Ellen's Mom, and Ellen's Grandfather live. You can come here to buy cakes to eat or give as gifts. Ellen's Diary is here.

8. Tool Store

This is where Ann and Ann's Father live. You can come here to buy tools and other items for your farm.

9. Livestock Store

This is where Ellen's Uncle lives and works. You can come here to buy Animals and other items for your farm.

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