HM64 map house

The House is the player's home in Harvest Moon 64. Each day begins and ends in the house (except in the case of fainting or working through the night and into the morning).


The house contains a number of useful objects and can be upgraded with several decorations.


The player uses the diary beside the bed to save the game and end the day. It also contains a description for a number of tools available to the player, and a status screen showing various statistics about the player's farm, animals and crops.


The television allows the player to view three informative channels. Channel 1 shows a weather forecast for the following day, which is always accurate. Channel 2 gives information about the month's upcoming events and festivals. Channel 3 gives daily tips about farming, tools, livestock and other informative topics. Channel 4 displays static and is unavailable to the player. During a typhoon, none of the channels are available.


The calender shows the current month and allows the player to mark dates with stickers.

Storage Chest

The storage chest stores the player's tools. The player's inventory can only hold eight tools (with one more equipped) and so the chest can be used to hold extra or rarely-used tools. Additionally, when the player purchases or otherwise acquires a tool with a full inventory, the tool will be sent to the chest in the player's home.


A number of upgrades for the player's home can be bought, won in contests, or otherwise acquired.

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