Yun's Tea House in winter.

Yun runs the tea house by herself while she takes care of her granddaughter, Ying. Most of her meals are asian-inspired.

The tea house is open from 10:00 am to 10:00pm. It is closed on Tuesdays and festival days.


Item Price Season Requirements
Cucumber Namul 180 G Spring None
Asazuke 240 G Summer None
Tofu Salad 410 G Winter None
Boiled Spinach 300 G Fall None


Item Price Season Requirements
Shark Fin Soup 140 G Spring Year 2 or later
Egg Soup 280 G Summer None
Pho 740 G Summer Year 2 or later
Soybean Soup 500 G Fall None
Miso Soup 450 G Winter None


Item Price Season Requirements
Egg Custard 130 G Spring None
Steamed Dumpling 670 G Spring Year 2 or later
Simmered Potato 220 G Spring None
Roasted Corn 390 G Summer None
Sashimi 80 G Summer None
Cold Tofu 260 G Summer Year 2 or later
Dashi Egg 210 G Summer None
Tuna Yukhoe 810 G Summer Year 2 or later
Miso Eggplant 340 G Fall None
Roasted Eggplant 190 G Fall None
Baked Yam 100 G Fall None
Pot Sticker 680 G Fall None
Spring Roll 570 G Fall None
Vegetable Stir Fry 350 G Winter None
Chinese Dumpling 360 G Winter None
Dried Tofu 140 G Winter None
Boild Daikon 170 G Winter Year 2 or later

Main Dishes

Item Price Season Requirements
Egg Rice Bowl 280 G Spring None
Sushi Bowl 210 G Spring None
Inari Sushi 270 G Spring None
Bamboo Shoot Rice 120 G Spring None
Natto Roll 380 G Spring None
Kappa Roll 280 G Spring None
Fried Rice 220 G Summer None
Cold Soba Noodles 130 G Summer None
Soba Dumplings 260 G Summer None
Grilled Fish 70 G Fall None
Mixed Rice 460 G Fall None
Tempura Bowl 330 G Fall None
Kitsune Udon 320 G Fall None
Tempura Soba 400 G Fall None
Crab Omelet 100 G Fall None
Sushi 150 G Winter None
Fish Stew 180 G Winter None
Milk Stew 540 G Winter None
Kimchi Stew 650 G Winter None
Oden 220 G Winter None
Bibimbap 310 G Winter None


Item Price Season Requirements
Strawberry Candy 390 G Spring None
Bamboo Dumplings 190 G Spring None
Green Rice Candy 190 G Spring None
3 Color Dumplings 420 G Spring Year 2 or later
Soybean Rice Candy 290 G Summer None
Sweet Dumplings 280 G Fall None
Chestnut Bun 160 G Fall None
Soy Milk Pudding 440 G Winter None
Egg Tart 240 G Winter None


Item Price Season Requirement
Green Tea 70 G Spring None
Sencha Tea 140 G Spring None
Mixed Juice 530 G Spring None
Matcha Tea 80 G Summer None
Buckwheat Tea 210 G Summer None
Peach Juice 220 G Summer None
Banana Juice 400 G Summer Year 2 or later
Apricot Wine 270 G Summer Year 2 or later
Puer Tea 90 G Fall None
Oolong Tea 140 G Fall None
Apple Juice 170 G Fall None
Ginseng Tea 390 G Winter None
Mandarin Juice 260 G Winter None
Mixed Smoothie 700 G Winter None
Plum Juice 40 G Winter None
Plum Wine 270 G Winter Year 2 or later
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