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This article is about Zack, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Zack from his other appearances throughout the series.

Zack is a character in Harvest Moon 64.

He collects the player's produce from the shipping box at 5pm every day and exchanges it for profit. Any items that are put into the box after 5pm will be picked up the next day. He was also a friend of the player's late grandfather. Although he initially has his doubts about the player's ability to take over the farm, he will slowly change his mind.

He is also May's father. It is unknown what happened to Zack's wife, as May only mentions that "she went to a far away place". Zack is away from home almost constantly to the point he only sees May when she is already asleep. He gets his mother, Gaya, the Midwife, to watch over May during his absence. 

Zack can be found at the bar most nights. He can also be found during the Horse Races working a snack stand. He gives a recipe when given a tomato. 

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