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"Foreign merchant who came to Leaf Valley. He is always trading for worthless items, but he makes great accessories "

Zann (ゴル・ドードー Gol-Dodo) is a character in Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley.

He is a mysterious foreign merchant who has come searching for something in the valley. Unlike most villagers, he appreciates receiving scrap metal. The reason for this is because he believes that no one understands the true value of it. However, when you give him scrap metal, he will simply say "#REF !" which suggests a coding error when the game was being translated. You will only ever be able to see him in the plaza of the valley. He'll magically "disappear" if you follow him to see where he stays.

In order to receive an accessory from Zann, you have to consecutively give him scrap metal every day for 10 days. Rainy days will break the chain, so it's recommended that you start this on the during the dry season. After you bring him ten scrap metals over ten days, he'll ask you for a gem ore and he will make you an accessory.

Natsume had this to say on the matter the reason behind the change in the color of his skin:

"Normally, we’re happy to see ethnically diverse characters in Harvest Moon games. However, Zann had a lot of characteristics that in the West are sometimes associated with hurtful and outdated stereotypes of native African people. The skull on his head, the fact that he spoke in broken English, etc. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t possible to completely change his character design and rewrite all of his dialogue, so changing his skin color seemed to be the best fix.

Again, we’re happy to see ethnically diverse characters in Harvest Moon games, but not when they’re reinforcing negative stereotypes that a lot of our players will find hurtful and offensive." [1]


Gift Preferences
Liked Grass, Scrap Metal, Weeds, Failed Dishes, Fodder


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